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Aylestone School Uniform List

Aylestone School Uniform Requirements

Blazer - Aylestone black blazer with school badge – A coloured pin badge to identify a student’s house will be worn on the left lapel of the blazer.

Jumper - Aylestone black v-neck jumper with school badge. This can be worn underneath the blazer but is not a replacement for the blazer. Aylestone PE Hoodies cannot be worn as replacements. (This is an optional item.)

Skirt - Black skirts must be non-lycra and cannot be of any stretchy material.  They must be tailored and knee length to satisfy school uniform requirements.

Trousers – Smart plain black trousers must be non-lycra and cannot be of any stretchy material. Trousers must be tailored, of waist height and ankle length. No jeans, denims, chinos, cords, combats, hipsters, skinny fit, recent fashion trend or other casual trouser. No trousers with accessories including leg pockets, zips etc.

Shorts – Smart black knee length, tailored, plain shorts.  Non-lycra, no denim, chino, cords, combat, hipsters, skinny fit or other casual shorts allowed.  No shorts with accessories such as leg pockets or zips. (This is an optional item.)

Shirt - White, tucked in at the waist. The top button must be done up, and so please make sure that the neck size is appropriate.

Tie - Black and gold striped Aylestone tie. This should be worn smartly, with the top button of the shirt done up and the knot of the tie pulled up to the top of the collar. It should be of appropriate length, with at least a minimum of 5 full gold bands visable.

Tights - Black or flesh coloured tights.

Socks – White, black or dark grey.  If the student is wearing tights, socks are not allowed to be worn over or under the tights.

Shoes – Black footwear only.  To be flat, fully polished and polishable.  No boots. On health and safety grounds, the sole of the shoe must not be thicker than 1.5 cm or heels higher than 3cm, and the trousers must not conceal the shoes or sweep the floor.  No black trainers that are not fully polishable are allowed.

Outdoor Coat – Must be waterproof.  Denim/suede/leather jackets and hooded tops are not allowed (this includes travelling to and from school).

Jewellery - No piercings other than one small stud in each ear are permitted under any circumstances. These should be removed for PE lessons. Should students choose to have any other piercing done, they will not be able to wear it in school, and will be expected to remove it, at which point it will be confiscated and will await parent collection. The only other jewellery item allowed is a watch.  Please ensure any new piercings are done in good time during the school holidays to allow them to be removed in school.

Make-up - Make-up that is obvious is not acceptable, students not complying with this regulation will be required to remove obtrusive make-up immediately.  Nail varnish, eye lash extensions or nail extensions should not be worn.

Hair Colour - All students should have natural coloured hair.  They are not allowed to dye it any colour that is not a natural colour.

Headwear - Aylestone caps, beanie hats or bucket hats are offered to students.  It is important to note that these items are not allowed to be worn indoors. (This is an optional item.)

Aylestone School PE Uniform Requirements

Compulsory items

  • Aylestone PE t-shirt
  • Aylestone PE long-sleeved shirt (Boys only)
  • Aylestone PE skort or shorts
  • Plan black football socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots

Optional items

  • Aylestone hooded sweatshirt
  • Aylestone black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black sports leggings
  • Scrum cap
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Towel

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