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GCSE Psychology (Core)

What will I learn?

Psychology is a scientific subject that looks at brain and behaviour. Topics studied include the following : Development, Memory, Psychological problems, The brain & Neuropsychology, Social influence and Research methods.

Psychology is an academic subject that demands dedicated effort. Learning is based on analysis of psychological theories and evaluation of research studies. A major part of this is class discussion where you will be required to give your opinions and support them with evidence from these theories and research studies. You will also be expected to construct written arguments supporting or disagreeing with particular theories and studies. There are opportunities for you to carry out your own mini-research projects at certain points during the course.

How will I be assessed?

• This course is assessed by examination at the end of year 11. There are two exam papers.

• Paper 1 = 55% of total GCSE grade

• Paper 2 = 45% of total GCSE grade

The exam board that we follow is Edexcel.

What can I progress to?

• AS/A2 Psychology, biology, sociology.

• Professions- police, teaching, law, medicine, social work, probation officer, psychologist.

• Vocations- public service, leisure industry, education, training and coaching, selling, marketing, advertising.

Further Information

Mrs Bowen