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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

  • Mr S Robertson (Executive Headteacher)
  • Mr N O'Neil (Deputy Executive Headteacher)
  • Mr B Dugdale (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs K Erwin (Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding & SENCO)
  • Mr N Moores (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr P Lewis (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs S Shough (Bursar)
  • Mrs A Griffith (Federation Office Manager and PA to the Executive Headteacher)

Student Services:

  • Mrs L Hernon (Student Services Administrator)
  • Mrs L Atkins
  • Mrs L Corrick
  • Mrs H Cardey
  • Miss L Davies
  • Mrs R Harris
  • Mrs H Harper
  • Mrs J Kelly
  • Mrs J Kent 
  • Mrs U Maksym
  • Mrs L Miles 
  • Mrs N Paton
  • Ms A Pritchard
  • Mrs S Pritchard
  • Ms A Silver
  • Miss M Stone
  • Mrs M Tomlinson
  • Mrs P Wheater
  • Mrs C Whent

Administration and Support Staff:

  • Mrs A Griffith (Federation Office Manager and PA to the Executive Headteacher)
  • Mrs S Lambert (Data Manager and Exams Officer)
  • Mrs Julie Worsfold (Federation Finance Manager)
  • Mrs J Parker (Administrative Assistant)
  • Mrs S Jury (Administrative Assistant)
  • Mrs N King (Administrative Assistant)
  • Mr D Hall (Site Manager)
  • Mr D Turner (Site Manager)
  • Mrs C Rumsey (Caretaker)
  • Mrs S Pitcher (HR Administrator)
  • Mrs M Lancaster (Attendance Officer)
  • Mrs N Williams (Social Behaviour and Inclusion Manager)
  • Mr A Bryan (IT Technician)
  • Mr L Vankov (Apprentice IT Technician)
  • Mrs R Davies (Careers Advisor)
  • Miss K Read (Lunchtime Supervisor)
  • Miss A Gore (Lunchtime Supervisor)


  • Mrs J Bowen (Head of Faculty)
  • Mr A Christopher
  • Mrs V Power
  • Mr M Stubbs


  • Mrs L Tarring (Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs J Knapp
  • Mrs N Keeler
  • Mr N O’Neil
  • Mr D Lewis (Librarian)


  • Mrs S Inglis (Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs C Barnicoat 
  • Miss L Williams

Science, Technology & Art:

  • Mr M Stevenson (Head of Technology & Art)
  • Mrs L Perez  (Head of Science)
  • Mrs C Burley
  • Miss A Kingdon 
  • Miss B John
  • Miss R Cave
  • Ms L King
  • Mrs N Paton
  • Mr M Hosker (Lab Technician)
  • Mr J Knight (Technology & Art Technician)


  • Mrs I Beaurain (Head of Faculty)
  • Mr P Lewis
  • Mr J Thomas 

Physical Education & Music:

  • Mrs A Henry (Head of Faculty)
  • Mr E Wainwright
  • Mr N Moores
  • Mr R Leighton

The Bridge:

  • Ms Michele Walsh (Teacher in Charge)
  • Ms Megan White (HLTA)