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The English department aims to introduce pupils to the complexity and then pleasure to be had from studying the layers of meaning within subject. Students explore the language through reading. We immerse students in a breadth and variety of texts. Learning takes place in dedicated English classrooms, all with projection facilities. In addition, the department has one class set of laptop computers with wireless access for student use. Closely linked to the department we have a well-stocked and used Library. Throughout years 7 - 9 pupils have eight lessons per fortnight. At KS 4 they have between 7 and 8. Current year 11 pupils will sit two separate GCSE qualifications in English and English Literature. This gives them two opportunities to gain their all-important 5 grade or above.

KS3 English




Term 1

Descriptive writing

Narrative writing

Writing a viewpoint

Writing the World – non-fiction

The Tempest

Of Mice and Men

Term 2

Love That Dog

Dickensian England

Henry V and Conflict poetry


Gothic Fiction

Term 3

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Holes and World Poetry

Journey’s End, DNA and Intro to GCSE.

GCSE English, English Language and English Literature (Core)

What will I learn?
English Language
The course builds on skills and knowledge learnt during KS3 working towards two examinations at the end of the course that assess both reading and writing skills in fiction and non-fiction. You will be expected to study a variety of texts including prose from The English Canon and Literary non-fiction. You will also be developing your ability to write for specific audiences and purposes.

Speaking and listening is very important across and is formally assessed; you will be given many opportunities to prepare and present your ideas over the two years of study.

English Literature
All sets study English Literature. Here you move your skills on again with the study of poetry, drama texts and novels from a range of periods. There is an expectation that you will provide the texts required for the study – these will be nominated by your teacher during the course in Year 10.

How will I learn?
There will be a mixture of group work, paired work and independent learning. Access to ICT will be important in order to access up to date reports and news features. We expect you to take responsibility for your progress through regularly reading good quality non-fiction outside the classroom.

How will I be assessed?
There are four exams at the end of the course which will make up 100% of the total course as both English and Literature must be studied in tandem. These will test your understanding of Literary English and crafting the language. There will be key points across the course where you will be expected to completed examinations on the various texts studied and test writing skills. You will have two qualifications at the end of the course.

What can I progress to
English is an essential qualification. You must have a GCSE in English to be considered for most career routes. A good qualification in this subject will open many doors for you. It is worth noting that English counts towards the English Baccalaureate qualification.

Further Information
Mrs Tarring